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Below you can view all the houses for sale in the Crescent Oaks Nation Club subdivision situated in Tarpon Springs Florida. EcoVillage Tarpon Springs townhomes and single family houses represent the unmatched quality of Greenergy high efficiency zero energy houses. Below is a list of a lot of of the condominiums. and neighborhoods situated within the Tarpon Springs area. Find Tarpon Springs, FL homes for sale and other Tarpon Springs real estate on ®. Search Tarpon Springs homes, apartments, townhomes and single-family houses by cost and place.

There are currently 14 houses noted for sale in Crescent Oaks in Tarpon Springs, Florida Three of them are rental properties noted for sale for $250,000, $259,000, and $320,000 respectively. We suggest going to the nature and wildlife location of Brooker Creek Preserve, A.L. Anderson Park, Fred Howard Park, Richard Ervin Park, Highland Nature Park, Tarpon Springs Golf Course, Discovery Playground, and Craig Park. Majority of the homes, which constitute 61.41% of the total houses are inhabited by their owners.

The economic standing of the people living in Tarpon Springs is better than what you will get in the majority of parts of the nation today. Lake Tarpon is minutes away with boat launches at the popular John Chestnut Park. When doing my research on this program, I realized that the documents required from the property owner is the very same that is needed in the brief sale process. This is testimony of our committment to enhance the quality and preserve of life at Pointe Alexis.

This Crescent Oak homeâs design takes every advantage of bringing the Florida sunlight, in. Windows are edged in arched frames; from the spectacular transom above the entry doors, to the official dining roomâs photo window. Start a search to see ALL Tarpon Springs Commercial MLS listings for sale and lease. There is a local owner operator on a short term lease, however it's ensured by Tuffy. Being a waterfront town, Tarpon Springs take advantage of several beaches such as Sundown Beach.

EcoVillage Tarpon Springs house styles emphasize the security of our homes to better secure read blog your family from these disasters. Discover homes that are economical, call your Bank directly to customize, and look difficult for the jobs that are out there and out work every one else! These houses are developed and engineered to offer layout and elevations that are all reflective of finest usage of space for the area with concentrate on energy efficiency.

Seawall, covered boat slip and dock provide simple access to the open waters of Lake Tarpon. Services: Tarpon Springs police, fire, water, drain, parks and leisure, structure, library, marina, cultural center; trash contracted out; Library Cooperative member. Getting home in Tarpon Springs has actually been and will continue to be a rewarding financial investment. Because Tampa Bay matches every lifestyle, individuals of all ages select to be resident of Tampa Bay Real estate.

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